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Garden Plans

We can offer various stages of Garden Plans to suit your budget and size of project.

Gardens Direct realise just how important a carefully conceived design is to creating your dream garden. We know that good garden design is the art of making beautiful gardens so that every part fits harmoniously into the whole. Our skill is to transform ideas into plans and to choose each individual element in the garden composition with care. We will discuss garden styles, your priorities and ideas, survey the garden and then apply the design principles of unity, interest, rhythm and movement to create a professional & successful garden design plan.

Basic Sketch Plan - FREE service 
This A4 sized plan is suitable for client's that only require one or two small changes to their garden; for example a small patio. We would still need to visit your property to discuss your requirements, practicalities of construction and make a basic survey. We would also not charge for this service if the client requests a Free quotation for new garden construction work.

Hand Drawn Plan from £450
This type of plan is what most people require to visualise their dream garden. A representative of Gardens Direct.net will visit and carry out a comprehensive survey, a site analysis and discuss your priorities and requirements.  After we have all this relevant information a detailed plan can be drawn up to scale of your dream garden.

The plan will be hand drawn and coloured upon request in A3 size. The client should allow up to 28 days from the site visit to receive the finished plan depending on the size of the garden area under consideration. Normally before this, shortly after our site visit, we will send you a basic concept sketch plan of the garden with layout of major features and the rough shape of proposed garden changes. The client then has the opportunity to change elements of the design. Also upon special request, for an extra fee additional concept plans can be drawn up before completion of the finished detailed plan.

Hand Drawn Plan with 3-D Views of the Garden. (extra cost from £350)
Sometimes our clients have found it difficult to fully understand and visualise a plan. This is when a 3-dimensional view of the garden is most useful. They feel more confident that the proposed plan will really meet their desires and be their dream garden. We will normally supply 1 or 2 hand drawn A4 size views of the garden and these will be coloured for maximum impact and realism. This service starts from £350

The Complete Design Package from £650
(includes a Planting List & scheme)
This Package incorporates all the above described services with the addition of a planting list & scheme. Often the importance of a well thought out planting scheme is overlooked but it is the choice of plants that gives shape and character to a garden. Gardens Direct will provide a planting plan that will give your garden real impact throughout the year. We also have the knowledge and experience to select and position plants suited to your garden's aspect and soil type.

Hand drawn


Concept plan

Concept plan